The Truth about the ABC and Dues

Who is the ABC and how does it affect you?

ABC stands for Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Do you see anything in there about workers? It is an association to help business owners keep profits in their pockets while striving to prevent hard working employees from forming a union.

If the contractor you work for is affiliated with the ABC, they pay dues! The dues they pay to belong to this ANTI WORKER ASSOCIATION pays for all things associated with business and nothing associated with workers rights or safety. The Political aspect of the ABC is constantly fighting against workers rights and for Right to Work legislation. Where Right to Work sounds great in theory it really means the Right for your employer to determine your wages and benefits. On average the states that are Right to Work have 28% lower wages than non Right to Work states. Along with lower wages comes a lower economy and standard of living.

Why would your employer tell you that if you join a Union you will have to pay dues when they are paying dues to an organization to fight against your best interest? GREED!!!!!!!!!!!


Unions rely on dues just like any other organization does. What you gain for the small percentage of dues will increase your quality of life and help you live comfortably in retirement. Your dues money pays for a voice in your workplace. The voice you get will let you elect the right people to negotiate your hourly wage, healthcare, retirement, and working conditions. Union dues are no different than dues your employer pays to an organization that they belong to. The only major difference is one organization looks out for you and your co workers. Where the other organization tries to keep you down and hold you back from reaching your full potential.

The Union Difference

Training provided in industry supported state-of-the-art training labs.

Union workers make $10.62 more an hour on average than their nonunion counterparts.