Paul E. Breininger Jr.
Karl H. Buesgen Jr.
William Buss
Mark A. Happel
Robert C. Hennessey Jr.
Jerry L. Hildebrand Sr.
Donald W. Keck
Chris A. Makovsky
Dan T. Owens
James P. Sculley
Pamela G. Shinsky
Craig R. Siegfried
Ronald D. Wenner

Service Awards

50 Years Of Service

John A. Brooke
Ernest F. Debellis
Clarence F. Eschbach Jr.
Joseph W. Hacker
Stephen A. Harvilla
Thomas D. Reenock
Dale T. Ritter
Robert P. Woroniak


55 Years Of Service

William A. Schwartz


60 Years Of Service

Robert T. Corby
Pasquale Gino
Sterlyn D. May


The Union Difference

Training provided in industry supported state-of-the-art training labs.

Union workers make $10.62 more an hour on average than their nonunion counterparts.