Business Managers Message

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The COVID-19 pandemic that we all are experiencing together is unsettling and has uniquely affected our lives. From social distancing, to wearing face coverings in public, to business and school closures, we have all been adversely impacted in a way that is totally unimaginable and difficult to comprehend. But, during this stressful time we will get through this together. We are resilient and will rebound from this life changing event. Please be assured Local 375 is open for business and serving its members. However, due to this pandemic we have adopted new operating procedures that can be found under the latest news tab on our website. My hope is for you and your loved ones to be safe and healthy.


Paul Anthony

The Union Difference

Training provided in industry supported state-of-the-art training labs.

Union workers make $10.62 more an hour on average than their nonunion counterparts.