PA – 2017 Bills to Watch

The following bills were introduced to the 2017-2018, House / Senate sessions. It is through bills such as these that perform a direct attack on both Pennsylvania’s unions and working people throughout the state.

While there are a select few bills listed below that could have a positive impact the vast majority would result in significantly detrimental changes to the workplace for all Pennsylvanians. Even as this list is lengthy it doesn’t include all anti-worker legislation currently in Pennsylvania.

Senate Description Prime Sponsor

Senate                 Description      Prime Sponsor
SB12 Minimum Wage increases and abuses to minimum wage having penalties Senator Tartaglione
SB155 State Apprenticeship and Training Council – Assault on apprenticeship with a 2A to 1J ratio Senator Folmer
SB166 Public Union “Paycheck Protection” – Teachers specifically Senator Eichelberger
SB167 Disallowing Governmental withdrawl of money for political contributions – Teachers specifically Senator Wagner
SB207 Establishes a mandatory sick leave Senator Hughes
SB241 Equal Pay Law Senator McGarrigle
SB311 Targets Fire and Police collective bargaining arbitration costs Senator Eichelberger
SB333 Raises Prevailing Wage threshold from $25,000 to $180,000 Senator Yaw
SB429 Establishes a 1:1 Ratio Senator Martin
SB494 Stops districts from paying for employees to carry out union duties Senator Stefano
SB587 Changes PA Minimum Wage Act to reflect federal Fair Labor Standards Act. (Endorsed by ABC) Senator Baker
SB650 Introduces Right to Work Senator Folmer
SB744 Repeal of Seperations Act Senator Folmer


House                          Description
HB12 Changes future State and School employees pensions Representative Kampf
HB148 Exclude Healthcare facilities from Prevailing Rate Representative Baker
HB164 Stops districts from paying for employees to carry out union duties Representative Saccone
HB172 Referendum by county basis – “Opt In” for prevailing wage Representative Marsico
HB260 Eliminate Prevailing Wage Representative Kauffman
HB261 Worker Classification (Endorsed by ABC) Representative Kauffman
HB527 Raises Prevailing Wage threshold from $25,000 to $500,000 Representative Cox
HB701 Mandatory paid sick leave Representative Donatucci
HB758 Tax incentives for construction and renovation Representative Ward
HB999 Prevailing Wage changed to only apply if 51% of cost is covered by public money Representative Ryan
HB1005 Eliminates the State Apprenticeship Council. No Council, No Oversight. 1:1 Ratios Representative Cox
HB1066 1:1 Jobsite Ratio Representative Staats
HB1174 “Paycheck Protection” Representative Cutler
HB1225 Establishes a temporary hold on Prevailing Wage Representative Bloom
HB1226 Increases Prevailing Wage threshold from $25,000 to $100,000 Representative Bloom
HB1227 “Suspends” Prevailing Wages for Bridge Repairs Representative Bloom
HB1243 Equal Pay Legislation Representative Sims
HB1261 Schools exempt from Prevailing Wage Representative Topper
HB1436 Deal with Criminally charging for Misclassification of Workers Representative Caltagirone
HB1475 Extended Compensation during Lockouts Representative Petrarca
HB1479/1480 Exempt schools from Prevailing Wage laws due to fiscal issues Representative Roae
HB1481 Exempt residential rehabilitation from Prevailing Wage Representative Keller
HB1529 Repeal of Seperations Act Representative Everett
HB1623 Paycheck Protection / Union Busting Legislation Representative Knowles
HB1681 Exempt certain roadwork from Prevailing Wage Representative Marsico

The Union Difference

Training provided in industry supported state-of-the-art training labs.

Union workers make $10.62 more an hour on average than their nonunion counterparts.