Anthrax Vaccine

Memo Warning of Bad Anthrax Vaccine Is Erroneous:

 Earlier this week, an unauthorized draft memorandum began circulating online regarding soldiers who had received anthrax vaccinations at Ft. Drum and Ft. Campbell between 2001 and 2007. The memo stated that soldiers who were given the vaccine at these two stations could potentially be eligible for 100% VA compensation due to “bad anthrax batches.” The Department of Defense, in consultation with the Defense Health Agency, released a statement clarifying that the information contained in the memorandum was “false and completely without merit,” and that a new memorandum with the correct information has been published. Questions about this memorandum may be directed to VFW Director of National Security & Foreign Affairs John Towles at

The Union Difference

Training provided in industry supported state-of-the-art training labs.

Union workers make $10.62 more an hour on average than their nonunion counterparts.